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Good News from Germany

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Good news from Germany, where my novel, Die 52 [UK title The Nostradamus Prophecies, and due out here in August], appears to have sold 60,000 copies in its first six weeks since publication. This is way beyond what I expected, and an enormous credit to my German publishers, Blanvalet, and, in particular, to my editor there, Urban Hofstetter, who believed in, and backed the novel 100%, from the very beginning. The German sales are particularly satisfying as I have German ancestry on my mother’s side, and I know how happy she would have been, were she still alive, to hear that Germany had been leading the van insofar as my book sales - and the tempo of my book’s publication - were concerned. Now all my attention is focused on the UK launch by Atlantic, in August, although another sentimental part of me is also eagerly awaiting the French sales figures for Les Propheties Perdues de Nostradamus [Editions First/First Thriller], which came out a month or so ago. A good part of my childhood was spent in France - Provence in particular - and the country and its people are very close to my heart. I was enormously cheered, for instance, by a spectacular review of the book from the excellent Critiques Polars [here's the link ], which says, amongst other things, that ‘Mario Reading seizes hold of the historical figure of Nostradamus to present us with one of the most unexpected protagonists in thriller history, in a book bursting at the seams with multiple and satisfying surprises.’ That’s the stuff. Bring it all on….