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Bestseller Status in China & Sundry Scams

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

It’s odd the things that happen - I was going to write a blog about scams. An American friend of mine had her e-mail address stolen and a letter sent out to all her friends that she had been mugged whilst in England, and that she could not pay her hotel bill. Her plane was imminently taking off and could we help? Well of course we could. Naive as I am, I foolishly put down the spelling mistakes and infelicities in her e-mail to shock from the attack. It was only when I received the second e-mail in response to my offer to pay her bill and pick her up from, God help me, Kent, that the truth started to dawn on me. The first glimmer of suspicion that imposed itself upon my Sherlock Holmesian brain was the fact that she spelled her own name wrong. “Aha,” thought I to myself. “A clue!” The second was that the sender of the e-mail asked me to send $1255 to an address in Ramsgate. Yes!!! A second clue!!! By this time I was on my third metaphorical pipe and had figured the whole thing for a scam. Bright, or what? My friend and I had a happy chortle about the whole thing and she changed her e-mail address. I suggested to her that this might be the ideal time to tap her friends for a loan…

Well, you see, I was going to write about a scam, but in the event, I’ve just received the news that my book, The Nostradamus Prophecies, sold 50,000 copies in mainland China during 2010. Hot damn! Even better than the 33,000 it sold in Sweden during the same period. I mean, CHINA! Makes me really pleased. Suddenly I’m a net exporter to the most heavily exporting nation on earth. RESULT, as my scamming friend in Kent would probably say. And I’m really, really pleased that I wasn’t quite dumb enough to send $1255 via Western Union to an illiterate stranger. Move over Sherlock - make way for Inspector Dork.