Finland, Norway, & A Letter From My Editor, Laura Palmer, Re: The Mayan Codex

Over the course of the past few weeks I’ve visited both Norway and Finland, and as well as learning a good deal about both countries, I’ve also taken time out to visit - and be entertained by - my publishers in Oslo and Helsinki. In Norway, after an interview with Norway’s top VG newspaper (and a photo opportunity in a church), my wife and I were wined and dined in the Hotel Bristol and then taken on a fascinating tour around the Viking Museum - thank you to my publisher, Tomas Algard, and my editor Anne Rath-Fredriksen. In Finland, I was met at Helsinki’s venerable (but ultra-modern) Academy Bookshop by Karisto’s Managing Director, Mika Kotilainen, Publishing Manager Sanna Vartiainen (who edited my The Nostradamus Prophecies), Editor Minna Klapuri (who edited my The Mayan Codex), and the translator of both my books, Pekka Tuomisto. I was then escorted down to the main floor of the bookshop to be interviewed and do a signing. Later, I was taken off by all four for a splendid lunch at the nearby Ravintola Teatteri, where our conversation ranged from General Mannerheim to the Roman Caesars, about whom Pekka has written an excellent book. Sanna then told me the good news that Karisto had made an offer for the third part of my trilogy, The Third Antichrist. I have to say that I am very much looking forward to working with everybody again - Nordic hospitality was certainly all it was cracked up to be. Everyone was extremely kind and I felt very much at home.

Now to The Mayan Codex and the remainder of my Nostradamus Trilogy . My editor at Corvus, Laura Palmer, has kindly put pen to paper to explain Corvus’s future plans re: the trilogy, in response to numerous enquiries about the timing of the final instalment:


We’ve made the decision to rebrand and re-issue the first two novels, THE NOSTRADAMUS PROPHECIES and THE MAYAN CODEX, alongside the third novel in the series, THE THIRD ANTICHRIST, in December this year.

Although I do believe that all the novels ‘stand alone’ on their own merits, I agree that it is all the more satisfying to read the entire story from start to finish. So we will be making it much clearer from the packaging and the contents of the text that the books form part of a trilogy. For example, we will be numbering the titles on the back cover, and each book will also contain the first chapter of the next book in the series to give a ‘teaser’ of how the story continues.

THE THIRD ANTICHRIST (December 2011) is a really fantastic story, and ends the trilogy with a real bang, so I hope readers of the first two books will find their patience more than fulfilled.


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